345 Carlswald Concert

“We Can’t Wait for Summer!” With great excitement and joy, the children exclaimed the theme of the annual 345 Nursery School concert. The smiles were broad, and the enthusiasm was tangible. We couldn’t have asked for a better day; the sun was shining and the day was bright. All the classes had been working incredibly hard at practising for the exciting day that had finally arrived. With great zeal, the Ladybug class begun with their dances. How sweet to see the little ones enjoying themselves! Class by class the children showed off their dancing skills. The Parrots followed the Ladybugs, followed by the Butterflies and then finally the Owls. We all rocked along to songs, both old and new. We certainly showed off our cool moves! What a great celebration of Summer! The 345 children had a wonderful time showcasing just how excited they were for Summer to arrive.