345 Sports Day

With painted faces and our banners ready, the 345 children marched proudly down to the field to begin the annual Sports Day. The procession was certainly one to witness. The children chanted the names of their classes with great excitement and could not contain themselves. The classes were introduced one by one as they marched across the field with their banners. Each teacher proudly leading her group down to the starting line.  Before we realised it, it was time to begin the first race. We began with flat races, each class taking it in turns to race as fast as they could down to the finish line. We then proceeded with the bike races, bean nag races and the egg and spoon races. There was an incredible excitement and eagerness in the air and the children, teachers and parents alike had a great morning at the 345 Sports Day. Each child was celebrated and received a medal for participating in this special day.