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Extra Mural Activities

At 345 Nursery School, we are CRAZY about sports, and believe that it is through the art of activity, that we are able to give your kiddies a sound base from which to enrich every aspect of their lives.

Leadership skills are developed through a variety of activities, which give children the confidence to reveal their true character.

Building little bodies and developing young minds form the essential core of all activities/sports offered at 345. We are proud of our skilled staff and have come to realize, that each trainer, is not only an instructor, but a LIFE COACH. One who inspires and communicates regularly with the children, using the FUN positive impact of sport, to influence each individual with strong moral code and principle. We are committed and EXCITED to giving all young ladies and lads the encouragement and enthusiasm they would need to overcome the fear of failure and obtain a life enduring passion for sport.

External Extra murals offered at 345

345 Swim School – Click here



Contact Info


Beaux – Arts Kidz Kraftz

Cheryl Southey


082 722 1484


Karate 4 Kids

Stuart Hulley


083 417 6315


Soccer Starz

Sean McCulla


083 234 5890

Ballet Nancy-Jane Anderson 083 408 3102

Coaching Concepts Sports Management

Coaching Concepts

All of our internal sport and extra murals are carried out by Anthony from Coaching Concepts.

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    Every Day is Open Day at 345 Nursey School Please call 011 0290802 Carlswald for a Tour and 011 312 1274 Vorna Valley for a Tour.